A Trip to the Moon


Matthijs Holter

Game description

“A role-playing game that should be played when it’s dark outside and the moon is shining down on the rooftops.

This game is like a good night story. It’s about you visiting the moon, having strange adventures there, and going back to earth again when it’s bedtime. It should be played with an open mind, in calm surroundings, with people who can be nice if they want to.”

This game was an entry to the 2005 R.I.S.K. competition.



Read the Spanish version here!

10 thoughts on “A Trip to the Moon

  1. Matthijs,

    What a wonderfully enchanting game! I like the straightforward mechanics and their flexibility. Have you done playtests? I look forward to giving this one a try since it seems so gentle and serene – exactly what I needed after a tough day at work.



  2. Oh yes, there have been some playtests. It’s proved very versatile; once, we used it as an epilogue to a long, dramatic campaign; another time it was played at a con, with pillows and blankets. It’s very consistently provided gentle, subtle, mellow and touching entertainment.

    I’m glad it was a good read! I believe very much of a game’s play needs to be conveyed in the tone of writing, the choice of examples etc – not just through rules and mechanics.

  3. I like the misfit kids addition you’ve made for the English version. I think that will be an even more interesting and emotional experience. Hey we’re gamers. Most of us were misfit kids.

  4. Wow, Matthijs. I must have read this before I wrote The Believers. My game seems like an homage to A Trip to the Moon in many ways:)

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