Charles the Bald is Superf***ed (Tall Tales of Conquest)


Matthijs Holter

Game description

“A game of light-hearted competitive storytelling for three or more players

Three forces stand against each other. Whose tale will you tell? And can you tell it better than anyone else?
Tall Tales of Conquest is a game of entertainment and tactics for three or four players. In the game, players tell the story of
a major conflict between three factions. Every turn, players have a chance to tell the story of one of the factions, and build up that faction’s strength in their chosen territory. Players gain points by choosing their factions and territories wisely, and by telling stories that the other players find compelling.”

This game was an entry for the 2005 Iron Game Chef contest. Since then, it’s been revised and played in several versions.




Charles the Bald Board 1: Charles the Bald

Xorph Invasion Board 2: Xorph Invasion

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