Itra’s City: two decks


The resolution cards are designed by Matthijs Holter. The chance cards are designed by Ole Peder Giæver, Martin Bull Gudmundsen and Håken Lid.


Itra’s City is an as-yet-unpublished surrealistic role playing game. The setting is a city somewhere in limbo, a place of dream, with a 1920s feel. The Machine God fights the Futurists, the spider queen Nindra sits atop the Moon Tower and controls everything. One of the richest men in the city has the head of a musk ox, is unhappily in love, and is laughed at by his peers.

The system utilizes two decks of cards, which will be presented here.

The resolution cards are the resolution mechanic/ conflict system for the game.

The chance cards give the players more control over the flow of the narrative, although in a somewhat spurious manner.

Here, some of the less setting-specific cards will be presented. You may implement them in any game, whether as one-time experiment or permanent fixture.


One thought on “Itra’s City: two decks

  1. The resolution cards sound similar to an idea I’d heard mentioned on another site. Though the number listed on that site was greatly reduced (Containing only “Yes, and…”, “Yes, but…”, “No, but…”, and “No, and…” at the point I’d last seen it, following the deliniation of results common in American Indie RPGs and on the American improve scene). I definitely hope to get a chance to try out this game at some point soon with my new gaming group.

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