Stoke-Birmingham 0-0


Tomas Mørkrid


This is a role-playing game for 4 players. The game plays for 15 minutes, as a role-playing poem. You take the role of Norwegian Stoke supporters. They’ve all been supporters of their team for a long time.

Once a year the characters fly over to attend a match in England, between Stoke and another team. This year they have seen Stoke holding Birmingham to a draw. It was a dull affair. No goals, next to no excitement, nothing much to talk about.

Do not under any circumstance make any queer or interesting remarks. Be ordinary. Let silence speak if you find nothing to say. 15 minutes may be very long in a dull life. Try to stay in there till the end.



8 thoughts on “Stoke-Birmingham 0-0

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  3. Played this for the first time this evening. Very interesting game, we were actually able to keep the conversation going for most of the time, though – as you say – the 15 minutes just seems to creep by. We knew we were on the right track the conversation got down to buying ties, complaining on Ryanair’s tight baggage allowance, looking forward to the next relegation as that might bring us promotion again, and interjecting with football clichés (almost up to “Ballen er rund”/”The ball is round”)This would be amazing to play with real football nerds, but it seems that there is little overlap of football and role-playing nerds (me being an exception).

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