The Dull and the Dramatic


Tomas Mørkrid


The Dull & Dramatic role-playing game is about a group of people gathering around the telly, watching their favourite show. It is meant to create a silent and surreal atmosphere of strangeness, in the outskirts of social drama, a mood for the players to share and play around in, being open-minded and relaxed as they do so. It should be played by 4-6 people, in a living room with comfy chairs and a telly.



2 thoughts on “The Dull and the Dramatic

  1. This game is just too weird, but I love it all the same. I would recommend trying it just to get that crazy feeling when half the players are standing by the TV and shouting. Great warmup for surrealistic role-playing sessions or, alternatively, a good way to scare off unwanted visitors. Very few people use silence in their sessions, but it can have weird effects. Really weird, really cool game.

  2. Thanks Erlend! It has been proposed that the “dramatic”-stages in this game (when you portrait the show-characters) should be played out up-tempo, to make a difference towards the dull-stages. I have not tried that, but it may well be a improvement of the game.

    Hope to hear from you once you’ve played the game, Erlend. 🙂

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