The R.I.S.K. competition

Magnus Jakobsson, author of

Many of the games on this blog are the result of the yearly R.I.S.K. competition, arranged by Michael Sollien. The format is very simple: Write a new role-playing game in one week.

The R.I.S.K. competition has resulted in the greatest surge in Norwegian game design ever. About a dozen new games appear each year, and the designers are often first-timers. (As a matter of fact, no published RPG author has so far won the competition). In 2006 some of the winning entries were published in magazine format.

The competition is open to everyone, and is announced yearly on the Norwegian RPG forum


Imagonem article in Norwegian, with pictures

Wikipedia entry in Norwegian

Michael Sollien, R.I.S.K. boss

2 thoughts on “The R.I.S.K. competition

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  2. Hey, I look like the worst emo-kid ever in that picture. I still do though.

    It’s a very satisfying feeling to know that my little contest spawned so many great games. I’ve never been much of a game designer but I grew tired of reading about all the half-realized rpg’s people had abandoned – myself including. Inspired by 24 hour RPG and Iron Chef, but with not as strict rules, R.I.S.K. was born as their Norwegian couterpart. We now know that R.I.S.K. was just the start of something bigger. Now we have projects like Nørwegian Style, Spill Nå and the Roleplaying Poems which continues to amaze me and fellow gamers. The scene has never been this alive and kicking. The 2008 outing of the contest is soon to begin, and I’m sure we’ll recieve a bunch of new original and highly entertaining games this year too. I bet a lot of them will find it’s way here.

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