An experiment in shared dreaming


Matthijs Holter


This is way out there on the fringes of what can be defined as “role-playing”. In this experiment, we went into trance in order to create a shared fiction. Good times were had by all.

“We cleared the room of distractions. Unplugged the phone, removed watches, turned off cell phones and shut the door. Lighting was dimmed. As I was the mastermind behind it all, I took the role of Overseer – the one that makes sure everything goes according to procedure, and that everyone feels safe. There are two other roles: Dreamer and Interpreter.

I explained why we were there: To attempt to enter a trance state and have a comfortable, shared dreaming experience. I also repeated that we shouldn’t have too high expectations, this was just an experiment. I asked everyone if they agreed to these premises, and they did.”


Rules and description of the experiment


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