The New Middle Ages


Anders Nygaard


When do we begin to dream of the middle ages? (…) When the day is over, and the nightly work on it, which has dream as its natural form, begins. But because the middle ages, according to the agreement of evil people, is the night, we are supposed to start dreaming as the new day dawns, and joyful humanity, as a famous student song goes, (…) wakes up and join in song “We are free, we are free, the middle ages are at an end!” And then it is that we begin to dream, but with open eyes.
-Umberto Eco, Ten ways to dream about the middle ages (Translation from Italian via Norwegian)

In this game, the players take part in something that happened in the middle ages. No story, perhaps least of all one told in a role playing game, can depict a completely accurate and “real” middle age. Instead, this story takes place in the middle ages of your dreams – the middle ages we have been constructing, imagining and inventing ever since their alleged end.
The players will follow and portray their characters trough a series of scenes of your own making, which will make a story. Each main character will represent a way to dream about the middle ages. The challenge of the game is to make the flavor of “your” middle age felt in the story, while you cooperate to create a story based on your character’s background, real historical events, scenery and some cues for inspiration.



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