A plethora of poems

At this year’s HolmCon, Tomas Mørkrid arranged a “poetry slam” – an unformal competition where participants designed one role-playing poem each in one hour. The results are so far only available in Norwegian (here), but highlights include:

The Endless Meta Spiral, where players play themselves two minutes ago. Two minutes into the game, they play themselves two minutes ago, playing themselves two minutes ago. Two minutes later, they… well, you get it, right? Challenging and fun, and with an unexpected ending.

A Trip Through Time Seen Through The Eyes of a Fir Tree, where players are big trees, talking slowly and making whooshing noises. Very much an experience; very little a game.

Løken Committee to Evaluate Cultural Grants, where players are bureaucrats in the Committee, discussing relevant questions – first, of course, cultural grants; but later questions can be “Why doesn’t anyone want to make love to me?” or “Is there life after death?”. All questions are discussed in the same detached, bureaucratic tone. Wonderful.

2 thoughts on “A plethora of poems

  1. “The Endless Meta Spiral” by Martin Bull Gudmundsen was voted the winner of the RPG-slam, and all present vowed to submit to his superior intellect for ever, as he is the proud bearer of the title Slamking 2008!

    Hail the Slamking! Hail!

  2. By the way: 12 games were written in this RPG-slam, and all of them were played once (some got several playsessions). That’s a pretty awesome result! Woopie!

    – and we made another one too, by commitee, in the livingroom of Matthijs. We gave it the name: “The commitee for investigating the taboos of language”. We played it four times, and in one of those sessions we succeeded in eradicting all language within 9 minutes. Strange to sit in a commitee with no verbal communication. And strange to play a dialogue-based roleplaying game with rapidly dwindling dialogue …

    Holmestrand: the worlds number ONE melting pot for modern RPGs!

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