The Endless Meta Spiral


Martin Bull Gudmundsen


The winner of the 2008 Role-Playing Poem Slam at HolmCon. A quote from the text: “Play yourselves as you were two minutes ago. After two minutes, M. says: “We’re sitting down to play this game. It’s two minutes ago.””




2 thoughts on “The Endless Meta Spiral

  1. In on the first gamesession ever with this game, and had a hilarious time. In our session it became a strange and minimalistic game, with subtle repetitions of the non-playing state we all shared while reading the rules the first time.

    A very strange experience which I believe many players will refute being a roleplaying game at all. But they will all be wrong, due to the simple ending of the game.

    An advice for the eager playtester: DO NOT READ THE GAME BEFOREHAND! Gather 4-5 participants (including yourself), sit down and read the rules out loud.

    Good luck!

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