A different book, with some Norwegians in it.

The Knutepunkt book is being published online, bit by bit! Here’s the official announcement:


It’s official. The 2009 Knutepunkt book is called “Larp, the Universe and Everything”, and is currently at the printer’s. All KP participants will get their copy at the event.

But for those who can’t wait, or would like to read up before Knutepunkt, we’ll be publishing the book in PDF format – a few articles at the time – in the days leading up to KP and AWIN. The first articles are online:

Katri Lassila, Fun for Everybody:

Eirik Fatland, Excavating AmerikA:

Markus Montola, Jaakko Stenros & Annika Waern, Philosophies and strategies of pervasive larp design:

Oh, and there’s also an introduction:

Once all is published, said and done – the book’s permanent home will be here:

(Oh, if you’re interested in discussing the book, you can do it over here.)

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