Reviews of the book

So far we’ve seen two reviews of the Nørwegian Style book. Interestingly, one is in Finnish, the other in Danish. It seems that while the aim was to reach an English-speaking audience, we’ve primarily succeeded in getting attention from our neighbors. Or, perhaps, they’re the ones most eager to find out what we’ve been up to.

Since both reviewers write in their own language, I suggest you use Google Translate to find out what they’re saying. I did this with the Finnish review, with some entertaining results.

Alter Ego: Norjalaisittain!

Stemmen fra Ådalen: [Anmeldelse] Nørwegian Style

6 thoughts on “Reviews of the book

    • Google Translate is indeed wonderful! It’s interesting reading a review that is 50% understandable English, 25% Hungarian, and 25% incomprehensible English-looking gibberish 🙂

  1. The Nørwegian Style book did catch the attention of (at least!) a handful French-speaking role-players!

    I happen to be a regular contributor to the French role-playing magazine Di6dent ( ). One of the regular sections of this magazine is called “Role Over The World” : there we present the role-playing “scenes” (editors, games, conventions, particular ways of playing, etc.) of various countries. We have already written about Spain, Italy, Belgium & Netherlands as well as Switzerland (these articles are in French).

    So you’ve certainly already guessing where I’m heading to: your book, and especially its foreword, is a great source of information for a “Role Over The World” article about role-playing in Norway!

    Interested to talk about what could be done? I would really like to discuss with the authors of the book – please contact me per e-mail.

    Looking forward,

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