Chris Enger


This game was the winner of the 2010 R.I.S.K. competition.

A game about mankinds willingness to sell his own soul for immediate satisfaction. And how to push them into doing just that.

The role you are to assume is a minor devil or demon from hell, sent up to the surface and the kingdom of man to catch a soul for the amusement of the inferno. While you do possess some supernatural powers to assist you in achieving this goal, then you most of all need to rely on your own cunning and guile to triumph in this hunt. Trust too much in your magics, and you will discover that there are far more powerful things out there than you.



4 thoughts on “Soul

  1. Hi, i’m Alex I., alias Revan Adler, better known as “il mietitore” in many italian roleplaying games communities.

    I write articles, reviews, and translate games for a cultural association called GDRitalia, and we were interested in translating this game, Soul.

    Can we proceed with the translation and put the game between the downloadable games of our association? We would obviously leave every credit to the author.

    il mietitore, and GDRitalia staff

    • Author here. I feel honored that you want to translate it, and go right ahead. I look forward to seeing the finished result. I’ll assume this is for a “how not to do it” column 😉

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