Recursive Tales of the Infinite Multiverse

This is a proof of concept. It’s fairly abstract, and should provide fun, experimental play. Perhaps this idea will spawn other ideas.

The Infinite Multiverse is where all things that can happen, happen – in different lines of destiny. Players skip back and forth between these destinies and explore them.

Matthijs Holter


One thought on “Recursive Tales of the Infinite Multiverse

  1. It’t not ‘Choose your own path’, but ‘Create mny paths’!

    Interesting story-creating system, but it lacks purpose or any kind of constriction.

    For example, what about secret triggers?
    When the initial node is written, plyers note down secretly possible events that, if happened, bring them control of the story.

    Or what about counters?
    Players agree that, in a definite number of nodes, a certain event will happen.

    Anyway, yours is another food for the mind.

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