Not state of the art and not original

This is a game for two players.

One of you is an inhabitant of planet A. You are a person of note. You have some sway, some local power.

The other one is an explorer from The Somewhere. You are all fucked, because you’ve lost contact with your home planet.

The game runs in three phases.

1. Introductory scenes. We get one scene each from each of the characters.

Inhabitant: Show us how your day is all wrong. The other player plays all the things that try to help you – random events, nice people, your own plans. You somehow mess things up. This is before you even know of the explorer.

Explorer: Show us how you are competent and manage in the face of adversity. The other player tries to make things really hard for you, physically – your ship has trouble, your body is imperfect.

2. The meeting.

Inhabitant and Explorer: You meet. This phase is played out through subjective sentences. One of you describes the meeting subjectively in a sentence, then the other, and then back and forth. Play it out until one of the characters is naked.

3. Years later

Play out quick scenes, 1-2 minutes each max. Each of them shows either something that has happened after the meeting, or something you remember from earlier. Each scene, roll two dice. If the result is 10 or more, one of you dies after the next scene.


The survivor is at the grave of the dead character. Describe what he/she does. There is no dialogue or monologue. The dead character does nothing at all. Play until the survivor leaves. Who does he/she meet?


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