Three encounters with yourself by means of guided and alert meditations in a natural setting

I’ve got a virus, and spring is coming, so here goes the head.

The title of this game is because I tried writing something atmospheric, but it ended up being pretentious and clichéd, which would prevent people from understanding what the game was about.

The idea is simple. Do this:

– Go outside with two friends. Be sure to dress right for the climate; you need to be comfortable.

– At some point, one of you will guide one of the others in an encounter with the supernatural.

– Then go to a new place. A new person will be the guide; the previous guide will have an encounter.

Okay. So what’s an encounter?

An encounter means that you get into a headspace where you, for a while, believe in something that isn’t there. You imagine a forest creature, for instance. You talk to it. You feel its presence. As you touch the bark on the tree, you feel how it manifests itself.

At the same time, it lives inside you, because everything we see is made from something we carry within us. We’re part of a big channel of energies and modes of being, and here, you allow the expression of one of them through your imagination and interaction.

Your guide will mostly ask you questions, and encourage you to see and open up.

What’s the supernatural?

This will be some form of natural spirit or force, for instance: a water nymph, a stone spirit, Crow or Coyote, a huldre, etc.

Any more tips?

Play slow, and take it as it comes. Don’t expect anything huge or mind-blowing. You’re just letting some stuff out, some stuff in, breathing. Let the mood guide you.

2 thoughts on “Three encounters with yourself by means of guided and alert meditations in a natural setting

  1. We played this in the spring, with just two players and it turned out to be a journey into another world through a half-frozen lake that served as a portal. We played at a cemetery and it was a very eerie game, despite the fact that it was a sunny day and there were a lot of people around. I think it was the most intense game I played outside since my childhood.
    The idea of just going outside to play inspired another game, I’ve blogged about it here. I’m going to write about our first game in length as well, I’ll link it here when I’m done.

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