Do You Want To Interact With Me At All We Are Adult Strangers Right Now !!!

These are two games with the same title. (Which I got from Jackson Tegu!)


1. First, the easy game. This is a short game for 4 players, which will take 5-15 minutes depending on your mood.

Two players will be the Commuters. They will be silent for the entire duration of the game. They will communicate with eye contact and facial expressions. As the game progresses, they may choose to become more physical, possibly touching.

Two players will be the Human Dream. They will do the talking, describing the inner life and soul of the Commuters – possibly a form of shared subconscious or dream. Sometimes, they will briefly announce stops and portray other passengers.

The game ends when one of the Commuters gets off at a stop.

The game goes like this:

– The Commuters sit facing each other on chairs. They both look down. Perhaps they have phones they’re playing with or papers they’re reading.

– At some point, their roaming eyes meet and lock. This signals the beginning of the game.

– One of the Human Dreams starts talking. They describe some image or thought that arises from the Commuters. Do NOT specify which Commuter; this might come from any of them, or both of them together. – The other Human Dream continues. This goes back and forth.

– Meanwhile, the Commuters can, if they choose, do little physical things. Put down phones, or scratch, or smile, or make facial expressions. Sometimes there are stops:

– After a while, one of the Human Dreams can announce a STOP. This means the train or bus or whatever stops and lets new passengers on. Say the name of the stop, and talk in that loud abrasive loudspeaker voice that all commuters know.

– The other Human Dream very briefly portrays one or more other passengers, saying a few words or lines that commuters might say when getting on the bus/train.

– At this point, any of the Commuters may choose to end the game by getting up and leaving. If not, the game continues, with the Human Dreams talking.


2. Then, the hard game. This is very simple, but also hugely challenging, and there’s no saying what it will lead to.

When commuting, try to find someone friendly-looking to sit next to.

Think back on your childhood, on what you used to do when you were on the bus or train.

Then start a conversation with this line: “I remember when I was a kid and rode the (bus/train), I used to…”

See what happens.

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