Three games in Portuguese!

Jonny Garcia from Brazil has translated several of the games here into Portuguese!


A Pebble

A Trip to the Moon

A Trip Through Time Seen Through the Eyes of a Fir Tree


And the text on role-playing poems, too!

Role-Playing Poems


3 thoughts on “Three games in Portuguese!

  1. Hi Matthijs! I did a presentation on Norwegian RPGs, based on your games and the games that you put in your site on the Games Laboratory Event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (April 2013). This is a rpg indy game designer event, the first in our country and everyone loved your games. I did a demonstration of some RPG Poems (including some that I have created based on your work) and the Archipelago game. The full portuguese presentation can be read in this link: including the links to all the games.

  2. Here are the three RPG Poems that I created for the event (I tried to find your email in your site, but I couldn’t so here it is, I hope you like them):

    Noir (Newton “Tio Nitro” Rocha)

    15 minutes

    Two players.

    Both players have to know some film noir movies, detective movies where the main character of the story narrates his situation. One of the players will do the narration and role play the detective and the other player will tell what the other characters do and say.

    The setting is Chicago in the ’30s, with Al Capone ruling the place.

    Before the game, the two players should do the setup, deciding, who is the detective, the place, the time they could do the poem in a futuristic setting), and the type of crime that happened, but do not be specific. Take notes if necessary, but only a few words.

    1st Player:

    My name is __________________ and (tells the situation at the detective, if he has no money, etc.. This part ends with the phrase “suddenly the door opened and ________________ came in and said:”

    2nd Player

    Continues the sentence, interprets the character, creating trouble for the detective to solve.

    1st player interacts with the character.

    Once the case is created, the detective tells what he did and the adventures they had, but not the case concludes.

    3 The other player narrates the conclusion of the case.

    Saga (Newton “Tio Nitro” Rocha)

    RPG Poem for more than 6 people

    Gather the players in a circle, maybe sitting in chairs. Each player will create a narrative following this order:

    1st Player: narrates the beginning of the Saga creating an epic problem, a Monster ravaging a village, a Dark Lord rising, etc.

    2nd Player: Creates the hero who will solve the problem. And ends with

    _____________ went on his journey.

    3rd Player: Creates the first obstacle for the hero, recounting what happened to the hero, and putting in a difficult situation.

    4th Player: Narrates how the hero overcome the difficult situation.

    5th Player: Narrates the climax of the Saga, with a final confrontation with the problem.

    6th Player: It narrates how the hero came out of the difficult situation, and what the heroe learned. If he is the last player, he ends the story.

    Each player has a maximum of five minutes to narrate. If the account does not please the next player, he can say TRY AGAIN, but only once! 🙂

    Enemy Mine (Uncle Nitro)

    2 Players

    The game takes place in three scenes, 40 minutos

    One of the players belongs to the Galactic Federation of Humanity. The other belongs to an alien race that is at war with humanity. The two will be alone on a planet, after a space combat. They have to learn how to live with each other to survive.

    Scene 01: Presentations (5 minutes for each player, two turns)

    Each player introduces his own character in the story with a first-person narration (My name is _______ and I am ________________) explaining about the galactic war and why the planet where it is dropped. And explains why he hates the race of another character.

    Scene 02: The First Contact (2 turns)
    Each player has 5 minutes to narrate.

    The Human character recounts the first time he saw the other character and speaks his version of the encounter. The Alien Character does the same thing and tells his version of the encounter.

    Scene 03: Survival (two turns)

    The Alien Character narrates a danger / challenge / problem in the human character helped, and how his view of the human changed.

    The human character narrates a danger / challenge / problem that the other character helped and how his view of the alien changed.

    Scene 04: Redemption (three turns)

    Both players decide (by luck or not) who will narrate first.. The first who narrates will be of the race that won the galactic war, years after they had fallen on the planet.

    The player who goes last, narrates what happened when the ships of the enemy army came to rescue them, creating a difficult situation (for example, he became a prisoner).

    The player of the winning the race tells the story ends (guard your friend, it lets you be taken prisoner, etc..).

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