Event cards for A Depressive Game of Swedish Realism

An Itras By hack

You draw an event card when the game master instructs you to do so. You, as player, interpret the card. If you interpret it wrong, the game master will take away your character sheet and write some illegible numbers on it.


Forgot to take your pills? One of your character’s diagnoses kicks in. Describe how it affects the situation.

Silence is a blessing. Words seem meaningless. You could talk, you just don’t want to.

Norra Begravningsplatsen. Photo: Pelle Sten (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Norra Begravningsplatsen. Photo: Pelle Sten (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Normal. For the rest of the scene, your character has perfectly normal reactions to everything that happens.

The State. The character receives some unpleasant news from the government (e.g: via mail, sms, radio, or newspaper). What is it?

Divorce. Some relation in the scene is broken up. What is it, and what will the separation cause?

Mediocre. One of the characters or NPCs present in the scene has a mediocre quality, something she’s only sort of adept at. Describe what it is.

Defender of the People’s Home. Your character’s ambivalent loyalty to the social democratic ideals of the Swedish welfare state prove to be an advantage in this situation. How?

Alone in the crowd. You feel overlooked, grey and insignificant in this situation. Give us an inner monologue.

Understood. For the remainder of the scene, everyone will be quite understanding of the character’s actions, no matter what she does (it’s due to class, childhood, culture, circumstances, etc).

Bullying. Is your character the victim or one of the bullies?

Ace of Base. Some nice pop music makes you briefly forget your troubles. You may turn on music, dance, smile, sing along. When it’s turned off, everything will be worse than it was.

Photo:  Sigfrid Lundberg (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Photo: Sigfrid Lundberg (Flickr/Creative Commons).

The drug. Some drug affects a character present in the scene. Which and how?

News. The media tells of a person, place or event the character is intimately familiar with. What are the news?

Keep it in. Characters and NPCs may not express their emotions or cause a scene.

Stasis. There is no change in this scene. Everything will remain the same. There is no interesting conflict, relations and resources will remain the same as they were.

Cancer. Cancer has somehow affected a character or NPC in the scene. How?

Hangover. Someone in the scene, maybe your character, has a strong hangover. How does it affect them?

Bad Childhood. Why is the childhood trauma of one of the characters or NPCs in the scene triggered?

Joppe is dead. Someone dear to the character passes away. It could be a pet, a person or something more abstract, like hope.

Microinjustice! Something slightly unfair happens. E.g: someone helps themselves to the last piece of cake without asking if anyone else wants it.

Death. Your character dies. There is no afterlife.

Next installment: Knald! Cards for a Game of Danish Hedonism and Voluptuousness.

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