Create three discrete nanogames in 2016 (well, actually it’s perfectly fine if they are related or intertwined, hacks of each other or something else).

By some definition of nanogame:

1-4 players, 15 minutes to 2 hours game time, short texts, with 0, 1 or several GMs.

Word limits are good, e.g: 200, 412, 777.

Publish somewhere. Please do share the link with us (in comments, at conventions, on microblog media). Play the games of others. Test your own.

It’s not a competition.

5 thoughts on “#3nano16

  1. #3nano16

    *Taboo Break*

    A game for several players. Each player defines a taboo subject. You take turns setting scenes for each other. If a taboo is mentioned, hit the *THE TABOO GONG.*

    The player who broke taboo must leave the game. Continue until no players are left.

  2. Close your eyes to dream. They say what you do, you say what you see. Act with Wonder. Do not see your hands. Do not reason/question. Do not express your fear verbally.

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