Create three discrete nanogames in 2016 (well, actually it’s perfectly fine if they are related or intertwined, hacks of each other or something else).

By some definition of nanogame:

1-4 players, 15 minutes to 2 hours game time, short texts, with 0, 1 or several GMs.

Word limits are good, e.g: 200, 412, 777.

Publish somewhere. Please do share the link with us (in comments, at conventions, on microblog media). Play the games of others. Test your own.

It’s not a competition.

5 thoughts on “#3nano16

  1. #3nano16

    *Taboo Break*

    A game for several players. Each player defines a taboo subject. You take turns setting scenes for each other. If a taboo is mentioned, hit the *THE TABOO GONG.*

    The player who broke taboo must leave the game. Continue until no players are left.

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