Pregame prayer

Close your eyes if you wish. Hold hands if you wish. Someone reads.


Together we will ascend to the sphere of imagination.

We will meet angels and demons, gnomes and elemental spirits, maybe even gods.

They all stem from ourselves. They all gain reality by our words. We will see them, with our mind’s eye.

Yesod is the sphere of dreams, the unconscious, sexuality. Of the Moon. The word means “Foundation”.

Our journey is not without dangers, the creatures we will summon are real, after a fashion. And it will be us, speaking these words.

For the duration of the spell.

But we are armed with the sword of discernment, the cup of compassion, the wand of creativity and will. And our feet are firmly planted here, on this material floor.

Now, let us open our third eye.

And begin.


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