Old Dogs

You lift the iron, feeling the weight of it in your hand. Familiar but distant, dusty memories starting to stir.

The air tears at your lungs, the forest rushing past, feet and arms pumping as the skis carve the snow; muscle remembering, but protesting after all this time.

Your arm describes a wide arc; eyes rushing over the surface, measuring, placing. A bit of wobble in the line, but every new stroke is a little more confident.

Why did you even stop doing this to begin with?

Oh, yes…

In this game poem, you portray old friends who have come together after a long time. You used to meet to do something. You were good at it, but as time went by, you stopped. Now it is time to shake the dust off your old skills.
You can choose any skill; cricket, art photography, nuclear physics, highway robbery – anything goes. But it helps to have at least one player in your group who knows one or more aspects of the skill in reality.

Start telling each other how you prepare. Roleplay how you greet each other, unpack your equipment, making small talk.

What you have come together to do takes about 15 minutes. Play out the conversation taking place while you do it. At any time during the game, a player can point with two fingers on one of the other players. That means that the other player’s character has made a mistake; he can try to excuse it by blaming the equipment, or admit that his skills are a bit rusty, that he might have forgotten some parts of how this is done.

The game is over whan you have:

-Found out why you stopped doing your thing
-Found out why you are meeting again
-Failed or succeeded in the task you came to accomplish.

Optional bonus rule: If a player gives another player a double thumbs up, it means that the other player’s character has displayed a glimmer of old greatness.