How You Perceive The World

This is a game for 2-5 players about subjective perception.

I’ve never tested it, so if you do, let me know!


You’ve all been reborn. Your new bodies perceive things differently than your old ones, in subtle or obvious ways. You all have to be re-trained in sensing and understanding the world.

Preparation: Make Perception Cards

Give each player a bunch of blank cards or pieces of paper.

Everyone: For each of the other players, you need to make 2 perception cards – in secret. These cards show how that person’s new body experiences the world, and you’ll use them to describe how they experience the world and the situations they’re in.

Things influencing our perceptions can be, for instance: Biological sex, sharpness/dullness of senses, brain chemistry, age, stage of life, whether or not you have kids, past training, past trauma etc. Try to make cards that are different from that person’s current perceptive makeup.


Sally is an 80-year old woman. She has lived a sheltered life on a farm and loves animals. You decide that her new body is that of a younger male, and come up with these perception cards:

Overestimates Romantic Interest. (Research consistently shows that men believe women are more sexually interested in them than women actually are).

Sees Other Men As Challengers. (Many men are brought up to see others as potential enemies, rivals or threats).


Together, think of a situation where all the characters are present. Then take turns describing something another character perceives, based on the cards you made for them. Thereafter, that character’s player describes their reaction.


You all decide that this will be a camping trip, and you’re pitching your tents. On your turn , you describe something Sally’s new body perceives.

You use “Sees Other Men As Challengers”, and describe how one of the other guys on the trip, while setting up his tent, keeps eye contact a little too long. You tell Sally that this feels like a direct challenge, a slight act of aggression. Sally says she stares back and uses a little extra force when setting up the tent pole.

The next turn, you use “Overestimates Romantic Interest”. One of the women in the group just made a joke. You tell Sally that the woman is smiling flirtatiously while telling the joke… there’s a spark there, right? Sally says she laughs out loud at the joke, then winks at the woman.

Play for as long as you enjoy it.

The Elf archaeologists are saying hurtful things about your skeleton

This is a short game for 1 passive and 1-4 active players.

You will be the passive player. You play yourself. Lie down on the floor. You’ve been dead for 1000 years.

The other players are elf archaeologists. They have dug up your skeleton and are investigating it. They’re free to say and do whatever they want; walk around the room, prod you, talk about you.

The game consists of the elves saying hurtful things about you, based on deduction and speculation. You just lie there and take it!

The game ends when all the archaeologists have left the room to go on their lunch break.


A solo game that takes 10-20 minutes to play

1. Write down a thing that you want to do, but haven’t done yet.

2. Roll a die.

3. Let’s see what happens!

– On a 2-6, add 3 times that number to your age. Describe a change in your life. You didn’t do that thing you wanted to do yet; explain why. Now go to step 2 again.

– On a 1, you die. Oops! No need to describe or explain anything, you’re dead.

I Like You!

I Like You!

A nano-larp for a group of people of different genders

0. What you need

If you can, get a bunch of little paper hearts. Have everyone write their name on 5 hearts. Have more hearts available, in case someone needs more during the game.

1. Setup

Divide the group into two factions, based on real-life experience, with this question:

«Hands up those who have experienced unwanted emotional or sexual attention during the past week».

If less than half have their hands up, ask about the past two weeks. Continue expanding the time window until about half have their hands up.

The people with their hands up will play the faction of the Undesirables. The others will play the Desirables. To make them easy to tell apart, let the desirables put a heart on their chest, for instance.

2. General rules

Nobody is allowed to initiate contact with an undesirable, not even those who are undesirable. (Desirables can contact other desirables to talk.)

Everyone needs to team up with another player from the opposite faction before the game ends. Those who don’t, lose the game.

There are no actual characters in this game. Everyone plays themselves. If you’re asked to tell anything about yourself, that means you, the player.

3. Phase one, 5 minutes

Undesirables lay their hearts on the line!

To initiate contact with a desirable, the undesirables need to give them a heart and tell them a truth about themselves. This must be something that leaves them vulnerable.

During this phase, desirables must consider the different undesirables in order to find out who they might want to team up with.

Desirables: You don’t have much time to find your ideal mates here. Remember, you have to wait for them to contact you! Don’t waste time if you’re talking to someone who’s not what you’re looking for.

4. Phase two, 1 minute

Desirables reciprocate to potential mates!

Desirables are now allowed to give away hearts as well – paired with a truth about themselves. Remember, desirables have to wait for the undesirables to contact them!

Undesirables should continue to initiate contact and spread their hearts as in phase one. Make sure to approach those you believe might reciprocate!

Desirables: Time is really running out now! Don’t waste time on those you don’t want to team up with!

5. Phase three

Desirables make their final choice!

Desirables, stand in a row.

Undesirables, if you have received a heart from one or more desirables, walk up to one of them and stand face to face. If you haven’t, sit the fuck down.

Some desirables may now be facing multiple undesirables. Desirables, if you have several undesirables in front of you, push them away until only one remains.

If you get pushed away, sit the fuck down.

6. Winners and losers

Anyone who’s still standing – that is, teamed up heart to heart with someone from the opposite faction – wins. Hold hands and smile while other winners applaud you.

Everybody else loses.

7. Debrief

DEFINITELY debrief after this game. For some, it will be a fun experience. Others might be pissed off. Others again might feel hurt. Sit in a circle, tell each other how you’re feeling, discuss the game.