Itras By in English!

If there’s one game I want you all to check out, it’s this one.

Itras By is a surrealistic game. It started out as a piece of automatic writing by one of the authors. Together they wrote back and forth, developing a setting along the way – a setting at times coherent, at times completely unhinged.

It is yours to play with. No, really: This book is made for you to build, rearrange, cut up, mutate and do what you want with it. It is, in fact, one of the specific exercises written in there.

This is my most-loved game. And I didn’t even write it myself.

Read more here!

La Máscara de la Muerte Roja – an Archipelago scenario

José Carlos de Diego Guerrero has written a scenario using Archipelago. My Spanish isn’t very good, but the game seems to have an interesting take on scenario setup, with several decks of cards describing characters (Ada Lovelace, Robur el Conquistador), elements (the Babbage machine, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), locations (Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace), connections, motivations and destinies.

This looks like a very fun and interesting setup – check it out here!