Reviews of the book

So far we’ve seen two reviews of the Nørwegian Style book. Interestingly, one is in Finnish, the other in Danish. It seems that while the aim was to reach an English-speaking audience, we’ve primarily succeeded in getting attention from our neighbors. Or, perhaps, they’re the ones most eager to find out what we’ve been up to.

Since both reviewers write in their own language, I suggest you use Google Translate to find out what they’re saying. I did this with the Finnish review, with some entertaining results.

Alter Ego: Norjalaisittain!

Stemmen fra Ådalen: [Anmeldelse] Nørwegian Style

Goodbye, dear book.


This post marks the end of my work on the Nørwegian Style book.

I’ve spent more than a year working on it. The past six months have been filled with anger and frustration. The files have been with someone else for that time, and it seems that they won’t ever be finished, nor will I be allowed to finish them myself.

I feel that I can’t promise that the book will ever be done, and there’s nothing I can do about it except start all over. I’m not willing to do that now. So to preserve my own sanity, and to be able to move on to other work, I’m letting go of this project.

Goodbye, dear book. I hope they’ll finish you some day” If I see you, I’ll buy you.

What’s that light at the end of the tunnel…?

Is it daylight? Is it a steam train heading our way? Is it a moonbeam reflecting off Gustav Vigelands bottom?

It’s kind of all three, actually.

For more than a year, we’ve been working on the Norwegian Style book. Work, as with all projects of this sort, has gone in leaps and bounds – starts and stops – frustrations and exultations. However, we’re getting really really very near the end. I’ve said this in Norwegian fora for some months now; the fact that I’m saying it out in the open here on the Nørwegian Style blog means that I actually believe it this time.

You should see the book! But you can’t yet. We’re artists. In the words of David Byrne: You can’t see it – ’till it’s finished!

I’m guessing that by february, you should be able to buy it on Lulu.