Welcome to Nørway

Photo: Snarglebarf

Photo: Snarglebarf

On this site, you’ve found an eclectic sample of Norwegian role-playing games, game poems and blog post in English since 2007.

Over the years, a lot of posts have accumulated. It can be a bit confusing: where to begin?

Here are some suggestions.

Reader favorites

These are some of the most popular games on the site, simply based on all-time clicks recorded:

Archipelago III, and predecessors
A popular GM-less game of collaborative story-telling, utilizing some innovative mechanics. Layout and everything!

Zombie Porn
Zombie Porn is a GM-less role-playing game that asks the question: “How far are you willing to go to survive in the undead entertainment industry?”

Until We Sink
An instant classic in the tiny Norwegian indie developer’s community. A surreal murder-mystery, GM-less, cards directing play and giving some instructions.

Blog posts

Photo: Snarglebarf

Photo: Snarglebarf

Role-playing poems
A brief text introducing the concept of role-playing poems, 15 minute games anyone can write and play!

Status in small communities
Some thoughts on the nebulous force of “status” and how it works in tiny creative communities like ours.

A dark game-like meditation on love. Or money. Or something else.

Some thoughts on making a collaborative storytelling game about sex.

Short games

A Trip to the Moon
A calm, friendly game to be played out as a bedtime story.

Fiction – a flexible freeform framework
The outline of a freeform game you make from scratch with your friends, with a few tools, rules and suggestions to help you get started. Can be used as an add-on to Play With Intent.

Going Galt
A critique of Ayn Rand’s “philosophy” in role-playing format.

Don’t Read the Comments
A short game utilizing the comments section of various online media for content.

Photo: Snarglebarf.

Photo: Snarglebarf.

An anti-plot immersive exploration which may have the potential to be one of the most frustrating, or magical, role-playing experiences of your life.

Role-playing poems

Identity Poems
Sort of an existentialist take on the role-playing poem format.

The Bechdel Test
Play female characters from movies talking about something other than a man!

A Pebble
“A role-playing poem that takes on the issue of abortion.”

If you prefer print, the Nørwegian Style anthology (2009) is still available over on Lulu (15$), presenting 17 of these games.

Miss your favorites? Have experience with some of these games you’d like to share? Feel free to drop us a few lines in the comments.

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