“Love in the Time of Seið” in German!

Tina Trillitzsch has translated LiToS into German! You can see the whole thing here. And it’s looking great!



20.000 Little Islands

“I have, with no exaggeration, lost track of Archipelago. There are now hacks and translations that I only find out about by chance, and I don’t remember all the stuff that’s been done with it.

All is as it should be. The game is officially out of my hands. Who would have thought it.”

–        Matthijs Holter

Archipelago is a story/role-playing game where each player controls a major character. Players take turns directing and playing out a part of their character’s story, leading them towards their selected point of destiny, while other players interact with and influence that story. The latest edition also utilizes fate and resolution cards, as well as the ritual phrases.

(The majority of the games and downloadable documents linked below are for free download, as usual here on Nørwegian Style):


In other languages

Hacks, expansions, adaptions


It’s hard to know with these things.

Put together, the Archipelago II and III main landing pages have gotten 19.650 page views since 2009. Dropbox doesn’t provide download statistics, which would be even more “proof of the pudding”. Many sites link directly to the Dropbox documents, so we just have no way of knowing the exact # of downloads over the past seven years.

If we missed your favorite hack, adaption or translation, please let us know in comments.

Cover photo: Høgåsen, Hidra/Hanne Feyling/Visit Sørlandet (CC BY-ND 2.0).




Italian Archipelago III playset

La spada e gli amori (The Sword and The Love) is an Italian adaption of Archipelago III, designed to let the players emulate chivalric literature!

Mammut RPG

lsega-coverUn paio di settimane fa, sempre su questo blog, chiudevo l’annuncio dell’edizione italiana di Archipelago con queste parole:

P.S.: Dato che non riesco mai a far stare fermo il mio cervello, vi comunico che ho già qualche idea per “sfruttare” il sistema di gioco di Archipelago per un certo tipo di storie.

Ed ecco finalmente è giunta l’ora di spendere qualche parola in più su un gioco il cui nome in codice è attualmente La spada e gli amori.

Cos’è La spada e gli amori?

La spada e gli amori nasce come hack di Archipelago, per raccontare storie tipiche della letteratura cavalleresca (in particolare del ciclo bretone, o arturiano). Il gioco, infatti, ha due illustri genitori: I romanzi cortesi di Chrétien de Troyes e Archipelago III di Matthijs Holter. L’atmosfera generale deve molto alle opere del primo, mentre le regole sono prese di peso dal gioco del…

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