The Patriarch’s Head


I wrote a short storytelling game based on the mysterious murder of Patriarch Lukijan Bogdanovic. They said it was a suicide at first, but then they never found his head.


It’s for 2 or more players, super easy, no prep, takes 10-60 minutes depending on how much people describe stuff.


If you read it or try it, let me know what you think!


 – Matthijs

Get it here:


5 thoughts on “The Patriarch’s Head

  1. Hello! My name is Ann, I adore role play games, especially live action. But I like to play written RPG also. I live in Russia, but now I’m in Norway and I’m trying to find interesting people who love RPG as I do) I stay in Honefoss till 19 sept. Are u from this town or maybe u know some guys from this town? I can visit Oslo also)

    • I don’t know anyone in Hønefoss, I think, but there’s lots of larpers and roleplayers in Oslo. People get together for Wednesday beers, which is a good place to make contact. First Monday every month there’s a freeform gathering. I’m in Oslo regularly – my e-mail is matthijs1000 at hotmail dot com.

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