The Society of Dreamers

In Europe, in the early 19th century, a little-known group was formed. The members called themselves the Society of Dreamers. The Society believed that there were autonomous life forms living in people’s dreams. They called these creatures mnemosites.

In “Society of Dreamers”, by Matthijs Holter, you and your friends play the Society of Dreamers, seeking to uncover the nature of the mnemosites with tools of science and mysticism. You will witness the childhood and youth of the members; the forming of the Society; and their investigation and – possibly – understanding of the mnemosite phenomenon.

The game is written for 2-5 players and takes an evening to play. There’s no game master, and no need to prepare anything (beyond reading the rules).

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11 thoughts on “The Society of Dreamers

  1. I fabricated an Ouija-Board per woodburning (nothing really succesful, but it will work) and did offer the game for a roleplaing con close-by. I hope, the game will take place. Root for it, if the game comes off, I´ll write a field report.

  2. Finally I drove to a con and found three teammates (all were experienced game masters).

    As players we found out bit by bit that Mnemosites can erase the light, that they exert influence in the light in an emotionally charged situation, that they exert influence at the human race, that they sometimes take over the politics of the human host they possess, that they generally try to prevent humans to find informations about themselves, that they have it in for US (for our four characters especially) and that they essentially sent five dreams to the “dreamers” (the people they have infected or possessed): Four of them included key scenes from the life of our own characters, the fifth was a pleasant vision of a vaguely human figure in an alluring light.

    Later we found out, that it is possible to dive into the dreams of the “dreamers” if someone takes morphin together with them. We also detected, that a predecessor society completely departed from this life by morphin. Eventually one of our characters died. In her testament she informed her friends, that she decided to commit suicide by morphin, too. The three other members of the society ended the game by comitting a similar suicide (to be honest… one of us wasn´t quite ready yet. The other two remaining characters “convinced” her by an overdose in a glass of wine.

    Epilogue: In the dreams of a “dreamer” all characters met again. The character that died first, told them, they all would be mnemosites now. This form of existence would be a preferred one. Mnemosites would be freed from all earthly weight. Mnemosites would be creatures, that want to facilitate the passage from human being to one of their own kind. “What´s the use of the “dreamers”, then? asked one of the others. “Well,” the firstdead spoke, “we have to live somewhere!”

    We played 6 intensive hours. Wonderful game I recommend highly.

    Afterwards I asked my teammates, if they´d be interested in a mini-campaign of Wilhelm Person´s “Okult”. They confirmed. One of the best Con experiences ever!

  3. I bought Society of Dreamers, but I’m not happy with it. There is no world described in the German rules and no game examples. So I don’t know what I can do with it. Isn’t there something else where the dream world is described and maybe an example round in German? Can you help me? Tim Dirks

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