Øivind Stengrundet


” I’m a Wanderer.

When the first magical storm swept across Terrustor, dividing the islands and changing them, our fellowship was formed. To preserve the knowledge of everything that was.

Each storm creates a new picture of reality. We are the memory of the world. Adventurers, sailors, warriors, wizards and librarians. We watch, travel and write down. Intervene with the history of the planet, and form it in line with our ideals;

Each conscience holds immeasurable value.
Words, thoughts and language are valuable – in themselves.
A safe future is built on an illuminated past.

A Wanderer always helps another. We know each other by the green cloaks we bear, our thoughtful eyes, our common tongue.

I’m a Wanderer, and I have no home. This is my name, my calling, my life.

And the storm is building.”



3 thoughts on “Wanderer

  1. It’s been a while since I read the original Norwegian version of Wanderer, so this was a welcome treat. A compact traditional RPG with enough original twists to make it interesting for indieheads out there. The text made me wanna play. I would love to see more examples of islands in the future – maybe some fanmade.

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