Rune Valle


This is a game where you and your friends are going together to make a story. What kind of story? It will become a story about a hero that in some way or another has to go trough different challenges.. But then, what story isn’t like that in one way or another? And apart from that this game sets little limitations on your creative freedom. At first glance the players of this game is just sitting reciting on turn some kind of unwritten text. But now and again some keywords may be heard invoking some of the inner mechanics of the game. All players has their own special responsibilities in the story, there is a point system for motivation and “game control”, and a storyboard system to always give the game a direction and sense of purpose. All these to try to make the story telling an as pleasant experience as possible for a broad audience.

And as one should expect form most games; at the end of the it there will be a winner. But beware of playing it too hard! If you aren’t careful you could get into the terrible disaster that everyone loses, and the story ends without any conclusion!



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