The Nørwegian Style book is OUT!!!

They said it couldn’t be done! They said it was impossible! (Well, I did, at least). But out of the blue I got an e-mail saying that the Nørwegian Style book HAS BEEN FINISHED, and is available on Lulu! I’m speechless (though I can still type), and am ordering it RIGHT NOW. After I’ve publised this blog post.

Oh! The link, you need the link! Here: The Nørwegian Style book!

22 thoughts on “The Nørwegian Style book is OUT!!!

  1. That is awesome news!

    For those of us who weren’t following what sounded like an ordeal, can you recap what the book contains or give a link to a description?

    Is looks like it is an anthology of Norwegian RPGs. But I’m curious if there are new games in there or if these are all ones which have been on the internet already.

    Is there any commentary or analysis with the game as well?

    Is the text available in English? 🙂

    Thanks so much!
    Chris Bennett

  2. The book is, as you say, an anthology of Norwegian RPGs. They’re all in English, though! We translated them all just to show the world how wonderful we are. There are new games there – and edited, proofread and snazzily designed versions of games from this blog. There’s some analysis, commentary and history in the foreword.

      • Oh, sorry! I forgot to answer this!

        I’m not sure if there are any plans to release the book as a PDF. You can download the handouts from this site, of course, but the rules… I’m not involved in the actual publication of the book, but will bring this to the attention of the people who are!

      • Thanks for looking into it. Shipping increases the cost of the book substantially for me. And I try to live without a lot of heavy things, like books.

  3. Where in the world does it cost 69 USD in shipping? You can choose a few different shipping options, and some are cheaper than others.

  4. We weren’t really planning to sell the book as pdf. Can you double check that shipping cost. I’ve tried to find out the international shipping rates at lulu, and I can’t figure out how it could be that expensive. It looks like it costs about 10USD in shipping for a single book for most locations, unless I’m totally misunderstanding something.

  5. Standard shipping is 69.23 USD exactly. However, sometime in the past few dayss a new “economic” option appeared that is only 19.96 USD. I guess I’ll have to go with that.

    It seems that the problem with Lulu’s shipping costs exists only in Latin America and with European hardcovers, and there is quite a buzz in the blogsphere about it.

    Thanks for your interest.

  6. Still quite expensive. This book is softcover, by the way. Don’t really know where it is printed. I sorta had this impression that it would be possible to print both from a european and an american lulu-printer.

    • Not at the moment, no. Maybe at some point. We will sell some books at cons in Norway, and perhaps in other Scandinavian countries. Apart from that the book will be sold thru lulu.

  7. Pablo if Håken and the other guys get the package from Lulu in time, it will be available at this weekend’s Arcon gaming festival at Sogn Skole. You were planning to go anyway right? 😉

  8. Picked up Norwegian style at Arcon and it’s a nice book to a very agreeable price. Even had it signed by several of the authors!

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  10. Chris Hanrahan (a big retail supporter of indie games) over at EndGame in Oakland, California has ordered some copies from Lulu so he can offer them in his store.

    Which I think is great! Because once you get to hold the book and flip through it, the choice to buy becomes easy.

    • Happened to notice this book at Endgame, and after coming home did a web search, and happened across this site.

      Just wanted to give a totally unsolicited thumbs up on the quality of the book. It’s a paperback, good heavy cover stock, really nice graphic design. There are lots of great B&W images and illustrations all through the book, in a distinctive gothic style. It’s a book you wouldn’t mind displaying on your coffee table or bookshelf…definitely a professional effort.

      As of Saturday (2/13/10) there were 3 or 4 copies left at Endgame.

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